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I Refreshed Windows 8 Pro And Lost Data Of All Drives That I Have


Out of 25 I found myself reinstalling about 7 of those programs. I have not tried it since, but it's too bad that MS did not make a mouse driven option for this incredibly useful aspect of reset. timverry The free version of Paragon is pretty good as well. Open a new Administrator command prompt by searching for “cmd” on the Start screen, right clicking the command prompt icon, and choose “Run as administrator.”Now you will need to run a http://collinsoffice.net/windows-8/i-have-refreshed-my-laptop-the-in-the-display-showing-window.html

And, if the latter, that is, applications installed after the baseline, well, that can be expected, as no applications are restored using the new W8 refresh function. Reset removed everything, including your files-like doing a complete Windows resintall from scratch. RSS ALL ARTICLES FEATURES ONLY Search Everything You Need to Know About "Reset This PC" in Windows 8 and 10 Windows 10 includes a "Reset your PC" option that quickly restores I certainly hope so.

Refresh Windows 8 Without Losing Programs

If you're a desktop user it does nothing at all for you. Refreshing Windows would typically be the first option to try if the OS isn't behaving properly. by Brian Tong 4:28 Android O released to developers, Reddit profiles incoming All the tech stories that matter include Google's release of Android O to developers, Reddit slowly rolling out user

Sometimes a regular wipe and fresh brains is much easier then dealing with a utility like this. But once you get past that first stage of the wizard, you’re presented with a second option: Do you want to fully clean your drive? The reset process is even quicker than refresh, unless of course you choose the full-clean option. Reset Windows 8 Login or register to post comments roncerr on Mar 17, 2013 Paul, What you say about "refreshing" your PC only applies to the Metro stuff.

A new utility aptly named “Refresh” is included with the upcoming operating system that is set to make those annual Aliens-style “nuke it from orbit”  re-installations of Windows and applications as easy Refresh Your Pc Windows 10 Thank u. How do I restore the applications that have been removed? Of course, there is one another gotcha.

All Rights Reserved. How Long Does It Take To Reset Windows 10 Get Settled In Faster with these Tips If it's about time you purchase a new computer, that computer is probably going to come with Windows 8. It did all this quite successfully. OneDrive: Which Cloud Storage Is Best for You?

Refresh Your Pc Windows 10

If Your Computer Can’t Boot All the above Windows features help when troubleshooting your PC. Do you have a list of removed apps? Refresh Windows 8 Without Losing Programs Advertisement Related ArticlesWindows 8 Tips: The Ultimate Compendium 5 Windows 8 Tip: Use Windows 7 System Image Backup 16 Windows 8 Tip: Easily Access Recovery Options 8 Windows 8 Tip: Create Reset Pc Windows 10 If you don't have the installation media, download your official copy of Windows 8/8.1 ISO image from your Microsoft account:

Download the ISO file Right-click on the ISO file Click Mount

Method #1, for example, allows you to perform a Reset as well. http://collinsoffice.net/windows-8/i-dongraded-from-windows-8-to-windows-7-all-my-usbports-has.html For example, you could uninstall bloatware that came with your PC, install important software, or change system settings and then create a refresh image with the current system state. Reply Karen September 15, 2013 at 5:24 pm Could I still retrieve files after I reset my windows 8? My PC's are both clean installs using Upgrade Media. Refresh Windows 10 Without Losing Programs

What Are The Best Apps To Get Started With Windows 8? But, based on your description, it seems that you performed a reset option. Reply Lynn Harwood January 19, 2015 at 6:46 pm I need a link for a Lenovo windows 8 for full repair and recovery and install network system so I can download http://collinsoffice.net/windows-8/i-upgrade-windows-8-to-8-1-and-windows-recovery-not-work.html That they remove all files and bring it back to exactly the time after I finished installing it.

This ensures you have a fresh system. How To Reset Computer Windows 7 In other words, it’s like a Refresh that also erases your personal files. Contact Us Windows 7 Support Privacy and cookies Legal Top Windows 7 Forums - Windows Vista Forums - Windows 10 Forums The Windows 8 Forums is an independent web site

Reply Brenda Boling May 15, 2015 at 5:07 pm Glad I saw this site!

All that's needed is for Microsoft to remove the artificial restrictions in Win8 prohibiting the OS from doing an in-place reinstall on an existing Win8 install, while leaving all files and This functionality has been possible with third party tools for some time, but it is now built into Windows -- and is much faster than doing a restoration of a full Reply Hisham S October 12, 2013 at 2:36 am i don't understand what "Desktop apps" and "Modern apps" are!! How To Refresh Windows 8 Don't bother with your saved games, those are way gone. 1) "Refresh" - Keeps your Metro apps, wipes all other data 1) "Restore" - Wipes ALL of it.

Windows 8 had separate "Refresh your PC" and "Reset your PC" options. That is, you can reset your PC, remove any crapware, and then backup the newly-clean configuration using the old-school backup routine from Windows 7. I decided to do a Windows refresh to fix a resolution issue on my second monitor and fix an issue where the PC could not communicate with the other monitor. http://collinsoffice.net/windows-8/i-was-downloading-the-upgrade-to-windows-8-1-pro-from-windows-8-pro-when-i-was-at-40-download.html Will Windows 8 be irrelevant to regular PC users?

In my own case, I now have zero heavy, locally-installed applications to worry about. http://www.facebook.com/john.citron.3 John Citron I'm probably one of the rare people on this planet that has had some fairly good luck (knock on wood) with System Restore. You can backup the files on an external USB drive.

Browse files from EasyRE directly Download Easy Recovery Essentials by clicking this link. System Restore can fix a variety of problems, but Refresh and Reset are like reinstalling Windows — always a favorite troubleshooting step among geeks who just want their Windows computers to

It's a pretty hefty amount, close to 500 GB I believe and I had a lot of my video game saves.. A stunning "Wow" for all the excludes MS has done with windows 8 ; ) Mediacenter, NFS support, widgets & aero is missing, hyper-v is slow as hell compared to virtualbox look at this pic. ...